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New & Expanded Wireless Testing Services Available at Connected Development

Founded in 2009, Connected Development is an experienced engineering design services firm that specializes in wireless technologies including cellular, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LoRa, and GPS/GNSS. Experts in certification requirements and carrier approvals, Connected Development offers in-house pre-compliance testing services that are essential elements for developers seeking success in their product development process. Connected Development has expanded their wireless testing services to include comprehensive pre-compliance evaluation support for a wide range of emerging technologies.

Connected Developments In-House Anechoic Chamber

An anechoic chamber is a shielded room composed of conductive materials like ferrite tiles and conductive carbon that inhibit external interface, eliminate electromagnetic emanation, and block radio frequency reflection signals. Connected Development’s pre-compliance testing services are operated in their ETS-Lindgren AMS-8050 in-house anechoic chamber. The ETS-Lindgren AMS-8050 provides the ideal quiet environment required to support test and measurement services of Over the Air (OTA) for cellular, including:


  • LTE

  • LTE-Cat M

  • LTE NB IoT

  • Radiated Spurious Emissions (RSE) caused by the transmitter

Additionally, Connected Development’s in-house chamber can also perform passive antenna pattern measurements (Figure 1)for antenna design or products with antennas.

Figure 1: Passive antenna radiation pattern.

Connected Development’s Expanded Pre-Compliance Testing Services

Recently, Connected Development has expanded their pre-compliance testing services to include a new CMW-500 that supports cellular, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and a CMX-500 that supports 5G capabilities. A new network analyzer has also been implemented to support antenna matching and tuning up to 14 GHz. Connected Development’s expanded testing equipment now includes test and measurement support for:

  • OTA for Wi-Fi

  • OTA for Bluetooth

  • OTA and System simulator support for CMW-500 for LTE

  • System simulator for Cellular 5G sub 6 GHz frequencies

Connected Development’s new testing equipment is especially advantageous for labs incorporating either system simulator support for CMW-500 or Anritsu MT 8821 for Cat-M & NB-IoT devices as their pre-compliance service support both system simulators to ensure replication of an issue with official labs regardless of the system simulator the lab is using.

The Benefits of Pre-Compliance Testing in an Anechoic Chamber

Evaluation in an anechoic chamber streamlines the extensive process of design certification. Pre-compliance testing reduces cost and minimizes a device’s time to market by addressing design issues early. Pre-compliance measurement in an anechoic chamber can be incorporated throughout a design cycle and results are indicative of performance in official labs. Developers that utilize Connected Development’s pre-compliance testing services mitigate stressful redesigns and holdups in their product development process.

Connected Development is one of the few design engineering services firms that has an in-house anechoic chamber for pre-compliance testing with a fixed price pre-compliance testing service option. Developers that integrate Connected Development’s testing services benefit from full pricing transparency and expert technical support. Developers can also leverage Connected Development’s other engineering design services in addition to pre-compliance testing like end-to-end product design, prototyping, development, and implementation.

Ensure certification success in your next-generation device with Connected Development’s new and expanded wireless testing services. Contact Connected Development today to set up a pre-compliance evaluation for your latest design.


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