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Security is and always has been a top priority design consideration in IoT systems. Connected Development has secured IoT products and systems across all verticals, from the endpoint device to the cloud. For your product offering Connected Development can partner with your product team through the entire development process to provide the appropriate security features for your product offering. All developments are unique at Connected Development, but example areas of investigation and effort may include:


  • Threat Assessment

  • Mechanical Security – physical access protection

  • Design IP Protection - integrated circuit labelling removal and use of die protection in key integrated circuits.

  • Incorporation of Security – includes lockdown of access points used in development after product launch, PCB design considerations to deny easy access to data passing between sub-systems and provision of required secure storage plus other features required to support software implemented security methods.

  • Device software Architecture – includes secure booting of the device, a chain of trust from boot onwards to protect against execution of non-authentic code, fully secured over-the-air (OTA) upgrade facilities, encryption of data stored in the device as well as that transmitted to the cloud and authentication methods to ensure secure interfaces to cloud services.

  • Targeted Penetration Tests

As well as bringing security to the forefront of your product offering’s development, Connected Development ensures that the right level of protection is provided based on the threat assessment developed to ensure that development costs and schedules are efficient

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