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Case Study - IoT Reference Platform Enables Leachate Monitoring

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Designed by Connected Development, the IoT Reference Platform includes a pre-certified, detailed reference design and an array of proven and pre-tested cloud service SDKs, drivers, and sensors to help facilitate rapid prototyping and deployment for low-power IoT devices. Integrating cloud-based IoT solutions from Kopis and a cellular connectivity and subscription platform from Zipit Wireless, Inc., the IoT Reference Platform offers a comprehensive solution for developers to accelerate time to market, reduce risk, and seamlessly scale production.

An optimal use case for implementing the IoT Reference Platform presented itself at a local landfill. The landfill was facing challenges associated with the manual monitoring and disposal of leachate (toxic liquid waste that accumulates in landfills) tanks at their facility. The IoT Reference Platform allowed the landfill to implement remote leachate liquid monitoring using industrial-grade sensors, cloud-based device management, and pre-integrated cellular connectivity.

To learn more about how the landfill was successful in utilizing the IoT Reference Platform for their application, check out our case study that details key features of the leachate monitoring solution and design considerations for diverse industrial IoT (IIoT) applications. For more information, contact our engineering design services experts at Connected Development.

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