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Connected Development Announces Proof of Concept Service Option

Connected Development, a skilled engineering services firm specializing in wireless, IoT, and M2M has announced a new Proof of Concept (POC) service option on their set of unique Fixed Price Services. Connected Development’s Fixed Price Services allow developers to easily collaborate with a team of experienced engineers to ensure successful product deployments of wireless technologies. Utilizing their new POC service option is cost-effective and ensures successful conceptualization of data collection, transmission, and use case(s) in a short amount of time. Selecting Connected Development’s POC guarantees the functionality of your device’s design before committing to more resources.

Proof of Concept Breadth of Offering

With Connected Development’s new Proof of Concept service option, Connected Development will provide customers with two devices based on their IoT Reference Platform architecture. Complete with the appropriate I/O, devices will typically be provided in the form of a devkit. Customers will supply Connected Development with initial product requirements, sensor specifications, and a technical point of contact. Connected Development’s team will also request access to any engineering resources like datasheets, schematics, and layouts that customers may have. In turn, Connected Development will streamline a finalized POC based on customer input and specifications.

Benefits of Connected Development’s IoT Reference Design Platform

Connected Development has designed a one-of-a-kind IoT Reference Design Platform that is an unparalleled package offering in the engineering services industry. Featuring cloud-based IoT solutions from Kopis, and a cellular connectivity and subscription platform from Zipit, the IoT Reference Platform helps customers accelerate time to market, enhance design performance outcomes, and reduce development costs. The IoT Reference Platform’s Reference Design utilizes the same pre-certified/pre-tested components, software, and hardware that will be used in volume production builds to ensure rapid prototyping and successful product deployment. Suitable for most IoT applications, the IoT Reference Platform is an essential tool that customers can rely upon from concept to launch.

About Connected Development

Founded in 2009, Connected Development is a leading wireless, M2M, and IoT engineering firm. Having worked with companies like Ericsson, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Sierra Wireless, and Nokia–Connected Development specializes in hardware and software design services and can provide support from design reviews to fulfillment of an entire product development cycle. CD’s expertise in regulatory and carrier certification requirements offers customers an advantage in relation to the time and cost-efficiency of an approval process.


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