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Addressing Critical Antenna Design Requirements

Connected Development (CD) is a leading wireless, embedded, and IoT engineering solutions firm offering a comprehensive suite of services that support the design, development, prototyping, and implementation of products. Specializing in wireless connectivity solutions, the CD engineering team averages over 10 years of experience consulting on optimal antenna integration for new technologies. Whether it is a compact antenna embedded in a mobile device, or a larger external antenna used for cellular or satellite base stations, antennas play a major role in the performance of wireless designs. For designs with size and cost constraints, internal antennas are often the ideal choice. However, the smaller the antenna, the more challenging the design, and the harder it is to meet stringent performance standards. Conversely, external antennas are typically easier to integrate and require fewer design resources. Since external antennas are located on the exterior of a device, they also offer superior range, sensitivity, and line-of-sight. However, due to their size, larger external antennas can often prove to be more costly than internal antennas.

Key Antenna Design Considerations

As an experienced design engineering firm, we recommend determining the ideal antenna choice for your wireless project early in the planning process. This is because applications have varying requirements and selecting an incompatible antenna can not only be expensive; but addressing a re-design can be an extremely complicated task. When selecting an antenna, product requirements such as the PCB design, size, and enclosure must be considered. Additionally, performance parameters like the gain, bandwidth, Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSMR), and radiation pattern all play an important role.

Antenna Design-In Consulting

To clear up the confusion and avoid costly re-designs, consult with our knowledgeable team to help identify the best antenna solution for your next design. The CD team can help design, prototype, and test your application to ensure optimal performance while helping you accelerate time to market. We also specialize in performing regulatory and carrier approvals on wireless designs–we know how RF requirements affect antenna and PCB designs and can assist our customers throughout the entire design and approval process.

Comprehensive Guide to Antennas

For additional insights into the different types of internal and external antennas and their pros and cons, check out TTI, Inc. sister company, Symmetry Electronics’, comprehensive guide to antennas–complete with antenna product links supporting a broad range of wireless standards from the world’s leading electronic component suppliers.


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