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manufacturing support

Connected Development designs and develops products from day one with the intent that it will be manufactured at high volume. Engineers on our team have worked on very high volume handset production and understand the complexities in this type of manufacturing.


We have worked with many different manufacturers in different parts of the world. Our customers can come to the table with a manufacturing relationship already established or we can suggest a company that fits the requirements with regard to volume, overall cost, location and testing capabilities.


As the product is developed, it will go through multiple prototype manufacturing runs in order to optimize that process and work out any issues. Connected Development engineers will handhold our customers through that process and be there in the factory as the initial stages of production are happening. We can then continue to support as needed for the purposes of yield improvement, cost reduction, troubleshooting, etc.

Key Offerings:

  • Design for manufacture (DFM)

  • Design for high volume production

  • Contract manufacturer support and selection

  • Prototype runs

  • Testing support

  • High yield improvements

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