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A group of dedicated engineers who have spent years in the wireless industry advancing product technology and combining that technology in order to put the best solutions into the marketplace for our customers. An average of 20+ year with companies like Ericsson, Motorola, Sierra Wireless, Sony Ericsson, and Nokia gives us the experience that our customers look for to help evaluate and then develop the best product solutions based on requirements.


The history of Connected Development starts in 2009 and has encompassed hundreds of products for hundreds of customers. We love to help in any areas and can fulfill entire product cycle projects or just design reviews as a supplement to an established engineering team. We have a deep understanding of the certification requirements for regulatory and carrier approvals. This allows for a faster and less expensive path in this area which can often be frustrating.


Wireless technology experience includes all forms of cellular, Bluetooth, WiFi, LoRa, and GPS across many vertical industries including utilities, transportation, healthcare, filtration, waste management, etc.

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