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Smart meters in the utility industry have gained quite a lot of popularity across the globe in recent years. Organisations are acknowledging the advantages of smart meters and adopting them to increase the efficiency and accuracy of utilities management.  Most smart meter initiatives have centered around capturing operational savings first and are now moving into providing customers with data and transparency on energy consumption.  This by itself should reduce consumption, but we predict that combining smart meters with IoT innovations in the home will magnify energy efficiency.  

Connected Development has been involved in the utility space for quite a few years by providing design and development support for various use case solutions. The technology deployed has typically spanned multiple wireless technologies including cellular, LoRa and Bluetooth. Projects include:

  • LTE CAT1 cellular modem built into water meter

  • LoRa based water meter

  • Verizon Gridwide supported modem solution

  • Cellular and LoRa based water valve solution

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