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Connected Development Sensor Node is a programmable, intelligent endpoint with multiple I/O ports allowing users to easily connect a wide variety of external industrial sensors. The Sensor Node operates on a 9V battery or external power supply.

Current wireless network support includes LTE CAT M-1 across multiple carriers.

The Sensor Node comes preloaded with an application that is designed to periodically monitor sensors and report the readings back over a cellular network.

For maximum flexibility, the Connected Development Sensor Node supports three programmable I/O ports which can be used to connect either 4-20mA or 0-10V sensors. The I/O card can be customized to allow for additional support for other types of sensors.


If you have a sensor we can design to support it and make sure that data is getting to where it is of value to you.


Key Benefits:

  • Can connect to various cloud platforms including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and IBM BlueMix

  • LTE CAT M-1 network support

  • Weather resistant

  • External antenna support

  • Fully customizable to customer’s requirements including wireless technology, I/O configuration, application use case and integration into back-end platform.


Current Established Use Cases:

  • Agriculture with soil moisture, rainwater level, wind speed and leaf moisture sensors.

  • Healthcare with a sterilization machine reporting on successful completion.

  • Waste management in terms of monitoring temperature and gases on a landfill.

  • Industrial motor monitoring of vibration and temperature.

  • UL 

CD_Sensor_Node_Datasheet_SNM-001_Oct 201
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