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Fixed Price Services Accelerate IoT Design Engineering

Connected Development (CD), a leading wireless, M2M and IoT engineering services firm has launched a unique set of Fixed Price Services to provide for a predictable and transparent cost-value model that aims to help customers:

1. Accelerate time to market

2. Optimize design performance outcomes

3. Reduce development costs

A first of its kind, Connected Development’s Fixed Price Services allow you to collaborate with our team of knowledgeable engineers that average 25 years of experience to ensure the successful deployment of wireless technologies including Cellular, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LoRa®, GPS, and NFC. Whether you are just getting started on a design or are seeking expert advice along the development path, rely on CD to help determine key system requirements, potential problem areas, or current product performance.

The Ultimate Design Workshop

Avoid common pitfalls along the wireless development path by engaging with CD’s engineering team for a full day (7 hour) workshop, where we will help identify key requirements and possible hardware, software, and certification options for your new or existing design.

Quick and Easy RF Design Review

Whether you are seeking a quick RF review to uncover potential performance issues, or an assurance as to the functionality of the RF component of your design, our RF Design Review offers an expert-level evaluation of your schematics and/or layouts that will provide you with recommendations for improvement in as little as 1-2 days.

Reduce Costs with Pre-Certification

With over a decade of experience in testing and managing certification activities for our customers, utilize Connected Development’s in-house anechoic RF chamber to execute pre-certification RF testing to characterize product performance prior to engaging with costly certification labs.

Get Started with Fixed Price Services

Gain the expertise of an engineering design firm while benefitting from a predictable cost-value model. In addition to our Fixed Price Services, Connected Development offers a comprehensive suite of services, including full custom product design, global certification and volume manufacturing support, security analysis and testing, and industrial sensor integration. A member of the TTI Semiconductor Group, CD is backed by a supergroup of industry-leading global electronic component distribution firms.

For more information, reference our Fixed Price Services Menu. Ready to get started? Contact us at


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