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Create your own contactless temperature sensor!

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented hardships for businesses and consumers across the globe. Even businesses that have been deemed “essential” have had to seek solutions to ensure they are operating safely and efficiently. Unfortunately, enterprises such as hospitals and warehouses that are prone to large gatherings run a heightened risk at contracting the virus. The solution? An economic contactless wrist temperature sensor which ensures essential workers can safely enter the workplace, without endangering their co-workers or any manual temperature gauge operators.

Contactless Wrist Temperature Sensor

The TTI Family of Companies, which includes Mouser and the TTI Semiconductor Group (TSG), have combined their resources to develop an open-source, contactless wrist temperature sensor that is cost-effective and efficient. The temperature sensor was designed and prototyped by TSG company, Connected Development (CD), who specializes in hardware and software design services. CD tapped into TTI FOC’s wide range of component distributors and services, with contributions from TTI, Symmetry Electronics, and Mouser Electronics, to develop this open-source design. CD’s temperature sensor design centers around a Silicon Labs microcontroller starter kit, a TE thermopile for temperature measurements, a TDK piezoelectric buzzer for audio feedback, and Cree LEDs for a visual cue.

Current Use Case

Currently, TTI’s employees are using the temperature sensor at their warehouses. Employees simply hold their wrist up to the sensor to receive a reading of their temperature that is accompanied by a beeping noise and a red or green light that indicates if they are at or above acceptable temperature range. The contactless wrist temperature sensor could benefit several use cases in hospitals, warehouses, retail, offices, and more. While the sensor is not available for sale, the design has been made open source to allow engineers to develop the product on their own.


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