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GateX Wirepas Gateway

The Connected Development GateX Wirepas Gateway is a low-cost, flexible solution platform for your Wirepas networking needs. Targeting the office and light industrial environment, the GateX can be configured in terms of connectivity, data processing, and power source to optimize your Wirepas solution.

Current WAN connectivity includes LTE Cat M1, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, and 802.3 Ethernet 10/100. The GateX Gateway is powered by a USB C port or optional Power over Ethernet (PoE).

​GateX comes ready to uplink Wirepas device messages to a configurable cloud endpoint. Alternatively, for your solution's specific requirements, the Wirepas network can be terminated within the gateway, and the data processed prior to uplink.

​To optimize data processing and cloud connectivity, the GateX Wirepas gateway can be configured to fit into your existing cloud architecture and perform any required edge processing. Connected Development can also deploy engineering services to assist in these areas as needed.

If your solution requires customer Wirepas sensors, Connected Development has extensive experience in this area at your disposal.


Key Benefits:

  • Small form factor: Tabletop, wall, ceiling, and post mountable.

  • Multiple WAN uplink combinations with fallback.

  • Simple cloud interface for device configuration and updates.

  • Simple automatic provisioning in the field.

  • Supports Wirepas positioning engine.

  • Wirepas Network Interface internal or external


Current Established Use Cases:

  • Asset Tracking

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Smart Lighting

  • Building Automation

  • Healthcare Applications

  • Retail Analytics

  • Smart Manufacturing

  • Smart Warehousing

  • Fleet Management

  • Laboratory Monitoring

  • Energy Management

  • Security and Access Control

  • Hospitality Services

  • Data Center Management

  • Education and Campus Management

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