The Connected Development Reference Platform is a feature rich reference design that is well suited for most IOT applications – particularly those that are size/power/cost constrained. The core of the design is Silicon Lab’s BG21 Bluetooth SOC which includes a BLE 5.0 stack, built-in security features, and flexible application processing capabilities. The BG21 is combined with a Telit ME310 LTE CAT-M1/NB-IOT cellular modem, enabling the usage of cellular connectivity for a wide range of IOT target applications.  

Connected Development has added a broad array of value-added cloud service SDKs and drivers as well as sensor drivers to this platform to accelerate the design and deployment of edge devices for our clients. This powerful combination of pre-tested hardware and software building blocks allows us to focus engineering time on our client’s most important need – their specific application – rather than on base platform design.  

The platform and all components used for it are also specifically chosen to be applicable for cost effective volume manufacturing, so the transition from initial prototyping to custom product production is seamless.


Key Benefits:

  • Proven/pre-tested IOT software building blocks 

  • Pre-tested connectivity with leading cloud services

  • Rapid prototyping using the exact same components and software that will go
    into a volume production build

  • Reference schematics/layout available to kick start any customer hardware design

  • Ultra low power consumption design

  • Design can be customized to meet customer’s exact needs (form factor, sensors, etc)

  • Reference design has been FCC and cellular carrier certified, easing final customer
    certification activities

  • Cellular design can be used for all major cellular MNOs and regions

  • 20 dBm output power capability enables best in class BLE range

  • Software and hardware IOT security is designed into the core platform from the start

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